Group fitness

Some of us remember the days of the high-rise, brightly coloured lycra leotard, perfectly accessorized by the matching leg warmers, headband and perm.

Who would have thought the aerobics "fad" that shot Jane Fonda to stardom in the 1980's would be so enduring?

Aerobics has come a long way - aside from the obvious wardrobe improvements the methodology and research that underpins group fitness programs today is second to none. Plus there is excellent variety, great music and the choreography ensures consistency as well as variety.

There is a type of class that suits every person - according to age, level of fitness, their taste and even their level of coordination. You can mix up your program of classes to suit your mood, or if you are carry an injury - there is an option for you.

Under qualified instructors, you receive professional guidance and instruction ensuring the risk on injury is minimised but receive maximimum results.

Being amongst a group provides excellent motivation - a key benefit of group fitness classes. Pushing personal boundaries to keep up with the class and achieving your goals is great motivation.

And we cannot forget the social benefits of group fitness being a big attraction. Although you attend as an individual and are focussed on the instructor, many people say they have made friends through attending classes, and so they keep turning up. It's like a hidden accountability. Plus the classes are lively and fun - a great feel-good addition to your day.

So come on down and try a class today!